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For the second consecutive week, I was struggling to balance my school work, jobs, and extracurriculars; for the second consecutive week, I decided to sacrifice sleep and attend a hackathon instead. On October 16–18th, 2020, HackNC-a University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill sponsored hackathon, took place virtually.

The Dream Team &…

An opportunity to learn about what women are working on globally

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to attend the Women in Quantum Summit hosted by OneQuantum and sponsored by other various companies. I had attended workshops and speaker lectures in the past, but something that surprised me about this conference was that about 87% of it focused on…

Everything from June 1st to July 31st

This past summer, I was fortunate to be a part of Lenovo’s internship program. I was even more fortunate that this was extended part-time throughout the school year. I wanted to write something recapping my summer work experience and how Lenovo adapted their internship program to be virtual in 2020.

At moments I felt inspired and at others… I felt I had to take a break from staring at my screen.

I was a week into my first semester at college when someone first told me that I had to go to the Grace Hopper Celebration. Fun fact: I can actually confirm the date by looking back on the date of the reminder I typed on my notes app. It took…

The end of the Quantum Journey Series, and the beginning of my transition into new types of content.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful for a weekend in my entire life (Don’t worry, I still woke up at 6 a.m. today). This past week included school, work, more work (second job), the Grace Hopper Celebration, and the Women in Quantum Summit. Now that I’m out of…

Although I didn’t spend too much time fighting with matrices last week, I did expand my entire mindset on what quantum was and could become.

Last week, I didn’t feel as if I accomplished much in terms of my “quantum journey”. It was probably my first experience of real burnout of the semester, something I remedied with taking a nap, buying a cute journal to track my mental health, and jumping on that stripper pole…

I never really had the motivation to do personal projects until I had no time to do personal projects.

I’m writing this after having spent 5 hours failing to get the right Thevenin Voltage measurement on my breadboard, AND I have a weird craving to watch fight compilations from Dance Moms. However, it’s Sunday! So, it’s time to recap my week and what I accomplished in exploring Quantum Information.

Cynthia Vanessa Rios

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