Quantum Journey 5: Good News

I never really had the motivation to do personal projects until I had no time to do personal projects.

  • My Grace Hopper Conference ticket was also purchased! I didn’t make it in time to register for both quantum workshops I wanted to attend, but I did get signed up for: What You Need to Know About Quantum Computing for Scientists, Engineers, and Developers.
  • My dad brought home Peruvian food for lunch.
  • I found this Women in Quantum Computing group and they have weekly virtual tea group meetings. Hopefully, I can attend this upcoming week if it doesn’t interfere with any work meetings.
  • I created a Github Repository with all my Qiskit code. It’s not 100% updated, but it has Lab 1 from the Qiskit Summer School, Chapter 1 from the Textbook (my chapter 2 Jupyter notebook was deleted because I lack common sense), and it has some of the work we did in this week’s Quantum Information Club Meeting.
Opening Page for the Site
DM sent during the presentation by me, a garden gnome*
Leaked DMs
  • Fix the formatting on the site
  • Redo chapter 2 of the Qiskit textbook and push it to my Github repository

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